Devon Dam

Devon Dam

Just outside the rural town of Devon in the Gauteng province nestled in the countryside lies a farm dam offering great fishing opportunities for all anglers. The dam holds a good stocking of carp and catfish ranging from 500g to 10kg! Its the perfect venue for a day out on the bank with the family or even for competition anglers wanting to practise to hone their skills.


A typical farm dam awaits you in the form of Devon Dam, a stones throw from JHB/PTA/Secunda.

How to get there

The dam is very near the N17 freeway just outside Devon in Gauteng. From the Total garage in Devon you will need to follow the R550 towards the N17 for 2,4km’s and just before crossing the N17 bridge you’ll find a gravel road to your right. This road runs parallel to the N17 but soon sways right to the farm. You’ll cross through two old rusty red gates and see the dam in front. You can fish on either side of the dam. (Google Maps link at the bottom of the page).

Entrance to the venue is through this red gate, you can fish on either side of the dam.

Entry and Info

Entering the premiss is on your own risk but make sure to close all gates behind you. No incidents have been reported and the venue is fairly safe and secluded. However its still advisable to visit the venue with company as its safer and more relaxing. You can come and go at any time and the day fees will be collected from you by the farm workers. Just to be aware the worker with a scar on his face usually collects it for the owner.


Entrance Tariffs are as follows

R50 per angler per day

Contact number:

Katlego (owner) – 083 344 8653

*Please note these times and tariffs can change at any time without notice.


Totalfishing Reels

Spots to Fish

As you come in you will see that you can fish on either side of the dam. The best known spots are on the opposite bank about 200m left of the Lapa close to the inlet in shallow water. In front of the Lapa is also a good spot to fish as it offers you deeper water and structure towards the dam wall. There is a fallen tree sticking out of the water not too far from the dam wall which holds some big fish, just make sure to cast well left of it but in line with it and you can expect to get good catches.

The spot in front of the Lapa – you can see the dead tree sticking out of the water towards the dam wall. This is an obvious feature that holds a lot of fish.


What to use / How to fish

With a variety of different sizes of fish available to fish for you need to decide what you want to target as your approach will differ. For the small fish you can fish very close to the bank at about 15m-25m. For this you will need to use natural baits like worms and maggots on the hook and very soft small feed balls. This is perfect for the kids!

For bigger fish you need to go the distance, 90m, 115m and 125m are good distances to target the bigger carp. Catfish between 2-6kg are plentiful and will keep you busy especially through the early morning and late afternoon periods. You can fish for them between 60m – 140m.

Hook baits for carp include plain white and yellow floaties, sweet white dough, kariba worms and maggots, the fish in this dam is not very fond of strong flavoured baits and it will actually deter them  – its a farm dam and they like it natural! The catfish eat snake worms and flying ants with small fish heads also doing the business.


Dips for Devon Dam

  • Gumtree (Eucalyptus)

  • F.X./Green Caramel (Caramel) 

  • Banjo (Banana)

  • Dusk & Dawn (Fruity Caramel)

  • Perdeby (Bunspice/Clove)
  • Black Widow (Caramel/Duiwelsdrek)



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Devon Dam