Blaauwpan Dam

Blaauwpan Dam

One of the best known lakes in Gauteng and more specifically Bonaero Park close to Kempton Park in the east rand. This round lake is very close to OR Tambo International airport and apart from watching your indicators you can also do some proper plane spotting from the waters edge! 

How to get there

From the well known R21 high way you need to take the Atlas road offramp and from there get onto the M45/Great North Road, then into Lanseria road and onto Mirabel. Once on Mirabel road you simply follow it until it becomes a small off-ramp gravel road on the left where you will find the entrance to the dam at the end of the road. (Google Maps link at the bottom of the page).

Entry and Info

Entry to the lake is controlled by security guards and a chain-type gate, fishing is free. Only day visitors are allowed and its fairly safe as its quite busy especially over weekends but also during the week. Please note that Blaauwpan is closed on Mondays but open from Tuesday to Sunday and gets busier as the week progresses. The lake is fenced with palisades but the odd opening has been made by walkers who cross through the reserve frequently. *Please note these times and tariffs can change at any time without notice.


The entrance gate to Blaauwpan Dam.

Although the venue is fairly safe and no crazy incidents have been reported lately its still advisable to visit this venue with company and always choose your fishing spot near to other visitors. This way you should be A-OK and can concentrate on the fishing better. 

The venue is accessible by bike, car and bakkie and the dirt road next to the water is fairly good but not fantastic. Please keep to the speed limit as there are children playing close to the road. 

Fish species to target include carp, catfish and largemouth bass. Some odd catches of big blue kurper has also occurred on occasion. 

Typical sized fish at Blaauwpan during the summer.

Spots to fish

Anywhere around the lake is good as there are no real features or drop offs and the contours are pretty much the same all around the lake. However, areas near or close to the big reed beds seem to be natural hiding places for the fish and these areas are known for consistent catches. 


The key factor at Blaauwpan is the wind - you need to be in the teeth of the wind and have it in your face (coming from the front) as the fish follow the wind in search of food. The wind commonly blows from a N/NE/NW direction meaning that the south bank on the opposite side is a very good area to fish. When the wind changes direction the fish follow so make sure to have the wind in your face and your chances of catching will improve! 


The odd big blue Kurper (Tilapia) can feed at times, especially when fishing with worms - a nice surprise catch!

What to use/How to fish

This is one of the best lakes for any competitive or social angler wanting to hone their skills. The fishing can be very tough but very rewarding at the same time providing you do your part. The best and most consistent year-round distances to fish are 60m, 90m and 115m no matter where you sit as long as you have the wind right. Its super important to be extremely accurate with your casting as these fish will move to the next angler or feeding spot quickly. 


A proven bait combination at Blaauwpan - also make sure to try a kariba worm or two on one of the hooks.

The bottom is very muddy and soft therefore one of the best hook baits to use are hard floaties as they are more buoyant than soft floats and will keep you presented on the soft bottom. You can try to put a small white dough backing behind the floatie too. Also try 2-3 flying ants or a Kariba worm on the top hook as the small catfish are plentiful keeping you busy and forcing you to constantly cast and feed your spot even when the carp seems quiet. This is key to catching good numbers of fish at Blaauwpan in a day session.

 Floatie flavours that work well include Garlic/Vampire and Duiwelsdrek. The stronger flavoured floats definitely out scores the fruity/softer flavours at this venue. 


A single hard floatie on the hook makes the hook stand proud on the bottom, resulting in more bites.

Dips for Blaauwpan

  • Perdeby/Scorpion/Spitfire (Bunspice/Cinnamon) 
  • Lotie/Oxblood (Raspberry Molasses)
  • Petite Janine/ Creme Brûlée (Coconut)
  • Sniper/Bass/Nail-It (TCP/Garlic)