Aston Lake

Aston Lake

Situated on the outskirts of Springs it’s only a short drive away from the major cities and towns of the Gauteng region. The venue is home to carp, catfish and bass, is very accessible and safe making it a well know and popular spot with restricted entry and good management. Its the perfect place for a breakaway with the kids or just for a day out in the open air! 

How to get there

The lake is very near to the N17 Secunda highway just outside of Springs. Travelling from the JHB side go through the Dalpark Plaza Toll gate in Brakpan and travel East towards Springs, after passing the Springs Mall offramp continue for 4km and turn left off the freeway onto “Anchor Road”, this short road will lead you to a T-junction where you need to turn right, travel on this road for 2,6km and turn left onto the gravel road which you can follow for 2km to turn right into the venue. (Google Maps link at the bottom of the page).

Entry and Info

Entry to Aston Lake is very controlled with a manned office and boom gate opening at 06:00 in the morning and closing again at 18:00. The owner also limits the amount of visitors to keep ample space between anglers and make it more enjoyable. If you plan on visiting the lake over a weekend make sure to be there early (05:30). Early on in a week its not as busy but from Thursdays you can expect more anglers to arrive as they settle in to camp for the weekend.

Entrance tariffs are as follows:

Day visitors:

R50 per angler per day

Overnight camping:

R90 per angler 

Contact numbers:

Deon - 062 173 2083

Louis - 065 193 9124

Steven - 082 633 8930

*Please note these times, numbers and tariffs can change at any time without notice.


Spots to fish

The hotspots and first choice for most anglers are the first 4 spots nearest to the dam wall. You can also go left about 250m from the entrance where good quantities of fish can be caught near the bank. Although these spots constantly stand out for producing good results the rest of the bank is also good as it just takes a bit more effort to get the fish feeding. 

What to use/How to fish

Aston Lake is very exposed to big winds and you’ll find the wind blowing from NNE direction or left to right most of the time. The lake is very shallow too so the stronger the wind the more the water mixes with the bottom and it becomes murkier. This does not keep the fish from feeding but makes it more challenging to the angler. 

Its advisable to fish one rod on 30-50m from the bank and the other at 90-115m. Keeping your casting accurate is vital for success as the fish will move to the next angler’s bait quickly. The lake holds a lot of catfish in the 1-5kg bracket that can keep you busy throughout the day. Baits like worms, maggots and flying ants are well worth taking with to target these fish with.

Carp like anything with garlic and white garlic Oozers/Vampire type floaties work exceptionally well. You can add a small yellow garlic/almond dough backing to one of your hooks with a white garlic floatie on the front. 

  • Dips for Aston Lake
  • Banlic (Banan/Garlic)
  • Devils Fork (Almond/Garlic)
  • Sniper/Bass (Garlic TCP)
  • Chakalaka (Strawberry/Garlic)
  • Honey and Banana on warmer days